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More About Me!

Hi, I’m Gabriel! I’m one of those artsy creative types, I typically work in acting, costume design, and/or directing, but I also do dabble in scriptwriting and occasionally lighting! I have a keen interest in Art History as I find theatrical and cinematic art can be very well informed by visual art. (If you look closely at my costume, and directing you’ll see the influence!)

I have been studying acting ever since middle school when I took my first theater camp at Theatre of Youth. Thankfully my parents have both been supportive since the day I came out to them as a creative (I know scary right).

I grew up seeing how much theatre and film have changed my ways of seeing the world and allowed me to “escape reality”. My goal is to be able to create that same experience for others and help inspire others through storytelling!

I graduted from Ellicottville Central School in 2021 and I currently study theatre, art history, and some psychology at  Sarah Lawrence College where I anticipate to receive a Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts degree in May of 2025. In my spare time I am always working on some sort of project or working my other job which is at the Metropolitan Opera as a Guest Experience Representative!